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Get Involved

We recognize that most of us lead busy lives. If you have a family member or friend at the Peter D. Clark Centre, then you probably have a lot of additional responsibilities.

First and foremost, we hope you will come out and participate in some of the activities sponsored by the Council. The are listed on the Calendar in this website. Simply by attending our Sunday Socials and bringing your loved one and later on returning them to their room is a huge help. It takes a lot of work to bring all of our attendees to the main lobby for a concert and the more people who can help out with this, the better.

Second, please become a member of the Council. The modest fee goes a long way to making our programs happen. Being a member does not require a commitment of time, but we do hope you can attend our annual general meeting each November, and also provide us with your feedback and your concerns.

Third, if you have some time, the Council – and the Centre, in general – can always use volunteers. This website has provided you with some information to help make this easier for you. It may be possible to tailor a volunteering shift to your visiting schedule. Being a volunteer would allow you, for example, to help move residents other than your family to and from their rooms.